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David McKinnis Consulting, LLC
David McKinnis Consulting, LLC


We provide consulting services in many technology related areas, but specialize in Software Development, Technology Use and Planning, and Software Troubleshooting. In special cases, we also provide on-site training and tutoring.

Software Development

Besides providing software design and development services we also provide consulting advice for software teams who feel their processes could use some outside input. We have over sixteen years of experience in the software industry working on a variety of projects from small programs to large applications. We have experience shipping version 1.0 projects and experience shipping revisions to large, existing codebases. We have experience both as individual contributors on a team and as managers of development teams. After understanding how your current system works and doesn't work, we can give you a view from a different vantage point and provide you with some suggestions on ways to improve your process. Areas we can focus on include - how to create a development schedule and measure your process against it; when the team grows, what processes need to change; how to push a project along the path to shipping - among others.

Technology Use and Planning

We can help you use your existing computers and network to get a better return on investment (ROI). We can also help you plan, make and install new hardware and software so you can make the most of your valuable resources. As with our other services, we start by understanding your current problems and what your goals are rather than focusing on what you wish to purchase. Then we can create a solution to fit your needs and implement it.

Software Troubleshooting

Given our extensive experience with and knowledge of the Windows platform, we can troubleshoot problems with any application software (particularly Microsoft Office) and the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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