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David McKinnis Consulting, LLC
David McKinnis Consulting, LLC

Non-Profit Website Development

Creating and maintaining a high quality website can be a significant expense for a non-profit with a small budget. Yet it can also be a wonderful tool to reach both potential clients and potential donors depending on your target audience. It is part of our mission to help non-profits use technologies, such as the web, to be more effective. For that reason, we adjust our already affordable rates for non-profits we feel we can have a significant impact upon. We are willing to discuss your needs and see what can be accomplished within your budget.

When our time and finances allow, we do pro-bono website development for non-profits we find we have a particular affinity for.

Non-Profits and Technology

Many non-profits are currently not using their existing technology resources as effectively as they could be. We feel that as technology experts, it is important to share our expertise with non-profits. In addition to our special rates for non-profits, we can also help you find new sources of funding to improve your technology resources.

Please contact us so we can discuss your needs.

Some Simple Things

Because the staff in many small non-profits do not have the time or the expertise to deal with their computer setups, often some very basic things are overlooked. If you are a non-profit, here is a basic checklist of steps you should be taking to protect your computer system (focused on the Windows operating system):

  • Install a Virus Checker and update the virus definitions regularly (most virus checkers can be set to do this automatically). I personally use Norton AntiVirus, but there are several good options.
  • Have either a hardware or software firewall protecting your systems. 
  • Make sure you install Windows patches and updates regularly. You can configure Windows Update to do this for you.
  • Backup your data regularly. Ideally this should be done automatically on a scheduled basis.
  • Review your methods for keeping sensitive information (client records, donor information) secret.

We would be happy to help you review your current processes and make suggestions about possible improvements. Just contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.