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David McKinnis Consulting, LLC
David McKinnis Consulting, LLC

Website Development

It is very easy to create a website today. There are lots of programs out there that allow you to create beautiful web pages with fancy graphics. Unfortunately, they also allow you to create websites that are not particularly usable by your customers and not effective for your business. A website must not only look good, but your customers must find it convenient to use. While we occasionally still do website design, we have recently focused more on implementation of an existing design or partnered with a website design specialist to create a great design for your website. We then focus on how to make that design come alive and work for you.

Our Approach

Our approach to website development is based on our many years of experience in the software industry. It is similar to our approach to software design and development.

We combine your knowledge of your business with our knowledge of website development to create a website that is both good-looking and usable. Whether we are creating a small website for a new non-profit or a large website for a business we first ask “What do you want to accomplish with this website?” From there we work with you to create a specification for your website. This approach leads to a website that will more effectively serve your customers because it will be more usable.

Once the specification is written, we design and develop your site using current web standards (such as XHTML and CSS). We also believe that a website is not complete unless it is accessible.

Search Engines and Accessibility

An inaccessible website not only excludes people from your market, it also makes it difficult for search engines to find you. And a website is not very useful if no one can find it. Accessible web pages not only let people use your website who might otherwise not, but they also allow search engines to index your website appropriately.

We will work with you to get your pages ranked in the various internet search engines.

Static vs. Dynamic Websites

Some websites are best written as static HTML pages while others are best developed using technologies such as PHP. We will work with you to decide how best to design your website keeping in mind your goals. We have experience with PHP as well as other technologies used for dynamic websites.

Future Updates

Some website companies make it difficult for you to switch to a different company to do future updates. At David McKinnis Consulting, we believe that you will continue to business with us because of the great service we offer so don't have to play games to keep you as a client. We register all server space and domain names in our clients' names which gives them ownership and control of their site. Once the final invoice is paid, you own your website and all its content. We will provide you with documentation on what we have done and any passwords needed to maintain your website. If you choose to have another firm change or update your website, we are available to answer questions about our design without charge.